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Harve rake (Scarifying rake)

Harve rake (Scarifying rake)

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Harve rake (Scarifying rake)

Scarifying your lawn in spring and autumn removes moss and thatch (dead grass stems and roots), allowing more air and water to reach the roots for a healthier, lusher lawn.

This RHS-endorsed scarifying rake has six cleverly designed tines to slice into the turf to remove dead plant material and cut through roots to stimulate new growth. The angled blades cut on the push stroke and gather debris on the return pull, with the next push stroke clearing the debris from the tines.  The angle of the blades is adjustable, allowing you the get the ideal setting for your height and technique.

The stainless steel of this scarifying rake is extremely resistant to rust, so will stay looking good for years to come. The long, lightweight handle in FSC® certified hardwood eliminates stooping to keep backache at bay, and a strong leather cord allows the rake to be hung up when not in use, to keep things tidy in the shed.

This scarifying rake is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, perhaps the ultimate accolade in the gardening world. As with all our RHS-endorsed stainless steel tools, this rake comes with our lifetime guarantee.

Handle: FSC certified hardwood

Head: stainless steel

Hanging thong: leather

Head width: 34cm

Overall length: 162cm

100% FSC certified hardwood handle.

Head width 23.5 cm. Overall length 148cm.

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