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GP Sneglefelle (Slug trap)

GP Sneglefelle (Slug trap)

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GP Sneglefelle  (Slug trap)

The patented Slug X has revolutionised the removal of gardeners' worst enemies - slugs and snails. The Slug X has won a number of 'Best Buy' commendations in press features on slug control and countless customers continue to write to us with glowing testimonials.

The Slug X attracts slug and snails using beer as bait. A strong smell builds up inside the trap and the slugs/snails are lured inside by an aroma that they find irresistible! Once inside, they become disorientated and, unable to exit the trap and fall into one of three drowning wells.

The Slug X consists of a base moulding featuring three drowning wells and four 'funnelled' access points. A tight fitting lid ensures that fumes from the beer generate quickly to attract slugs/snails to their doom.

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