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Dotty kneelo® til barn (Dotty children's kneelo®)

Dotty kneelo® til barn (Dotty children's kneelo®)

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Dotty kneelo® til barn (Dotty children's kneelo®)

If you know a nature-loving youngster, what nicer way to inspire them to get outside than with Buzz and Dotty? These two friendly insect superheroes help look after the garden, and now feature on their own collection of gardening equipment, just for kids.

Buzz the bee and Dotty the ladybird have been created as Kneelo® kneelers, perfectly sized for children, and with the most adorable insect designs – they even have antennae!

The Buzz and Dotty Kneelo® kneelers have the same high quality construction as our other Kneelo kneelers, with twin layers of memory foam around a firm EVA foam core, for superb comfort. They’re just right for keeping small knees – and bottoms! – comfy.

These bright and beautiful Kneelo designs are ideal for gardening, picnics, pond dipping, and all kinds of other outdoor fun. They’ll really help bring the garden to life for little ones.


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