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NS 1m Raffia hanks (Bast)

NS 1m Raffia hanks (Bast)

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1m Raffia hanks (Bast)

Loved by Gardeners, Florists, Crafters, Designers and Jam makers.

Raffia is made from the dried and shredded leaves of the Palmyra Palm tree.  It is harvested from renewable sources in Madagascar, Raffia is available in a range of exciting colours.

Raffia makes a kind and gentle tie for supporting soft or succulent stems.  It is also great to use for tying when grafting trees.

We offer this Raffia in 7 colour combinations.  Each hank contains 90 strands of Raffia in 1m lengths.

When using your hank, open and hang up the tied end, then simply pull out a strand as you need it.  Alternatively you can keep it bundled to make bows!

Please Note: that because it is a natural fibre there may be the occasional variance in colour between hanks and also compared to the images shown.

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