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NS 150m Iconic tins of twine 3 ply (3-trådet)

NS 150m Iconic tins of twine 3 ply (3-trådet)

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150m Iconic tins of twine 3 ply (3-trådet)

The Tin O' Twine keeps your twine tangle-free, safe and dry too! Nutscene Twines have many uses for instance; gently support tender stems whilst growing or marking out lines for sowing.

Each tin contains your selected spool of 3ply Jute Twine, containing 150m of Jute on each spool.

Each tin is durable and reusable, simply order a replacement spool, pop it in and away you go.  Each refill pack comes with two spools.

This product is also available as a Gift Pack with Tin and re-fill Spool in a great wee attractive box.  A great gift to receive - easy to wrap and post too.

The design of the 'Tin O’ Twine' label comes from the original Nutscene archive circa 1940.  Nutscene have been producing and manufacturing jute twine in the Dundee area since 1922.  The twine is biodegradable and materials are sourced from renewable resources. 

Available in all of Nutscene's great colour range - splash a dash of colour throughout the garden, choose from Nutscene's Twine great colour range.  

Not just for gardening, it's also great for crafts and homemaking too, pick a tin and get crafting.

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